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Alderwicks has a complete range of soft drinks, from traditional flavours such as Lemonade and Ginger Beer, to more modern alternatives such as our Aqua fruits Natural Flavoured sparkling spring water range. We realise that today’s customers are looking for a different and more natural product and for us to fulfil this need Alderwicks created our Elderflower Spritz. Made with fresh elderflowers and infused with our very own spring water it is enriched with vitamin C and contains no artificial colours or sweeteners, making it a truly traditional drink.


Alderwicks was established in 1921 by Mr Alderwicks himself which he ran for over three decades and then taken over in 1959 by Mr O’Dare. It was run from a small premises in the centre of Haverfordwest, the business had great success so they relocated to the outskirts of Haverfordwest in 1961. In 1971, the business again outgrew its premises, so a new bottling hall and warehouse was built on site.
In 1976 Alderwicks purchased Higgons Well, a well that dates back to medieval times where it was said that weary pilgrims would stop at the holy well to refresh themselves on their journey to St David's. We also discovered that Higgons Well produced bottled water as far back as 1900 and we still use the trademark today. From 1976 all of Alderwicks’ soft drinks have been produced using Higgons Well natural spring water.

Higgons Well is in the heart of the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside, which is why Higgons Well yields pure, clear, fresh spring water. Higgons Well is a mediaeval Well of great repute it is also suggested that it is "one of the Holy Wells" used by the pilgrims on route to St Davids, where upon they would stop to refresh themselves with the clear spring water.

Elderflower Spritz

Managing Director's William Fransham & Susan O’Dare of Alderwicks Soft Drinks have produced this outstanding and unique Elderflower cordial infusing hand selected wild Pembrokeshire elderflowers with their very own Higgon’s Well natural Pembrokeshire spring water to create a stunningly refreshing taste. Similar to the sunflower , the elderflower is influenced by the sun , so they are harvested in the early afternoon when the flavours and nutrients are at their finest in the flower heads. Winemaking methods are used in the brewing process to make this exceptional quality cordial , which has been Highly Commended by the True Taste of Wales awards for 2 years running and now has won the gold award as well. The elderflower cordial is sold in 250ml and 750ml bottles. They also make sparkling Elderflower Spritz from the golden cordial to produce a fantastic sparkling drink which is enjoyed with or without food across the Pembrokeshire coast. The Elderflower is renowned for it’s healing properties , it is rich in flavonoids that stimulate the immune system, producing anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity which helps reduce fever, soothe the respiratory tract and stimulate circulation. The Elderflower cordial is ideal for cocktail’s, sparkling wine and as a mixer with spirit’s, but is very versatile in food. It can be used undiluted, as a garnish on dessert’s, with fruit salad, it make’s lovely elderflower ice cream , sorbet or jellies and also is very nice with salmon and salad dressing’s.


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